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Hi folks! We are Elamar Kadosh and Or Cohen, the creators of this site. We are two 15 year olds from Israel that enjoy coding and technology. Here you can find our open source projects, review them, download them, make suggestions and add some of your own ideas to the source code.

The idea is twofold - first for you to enjoy and maybe learn a bit from them, and second for us to have a nice portfolio for the future.

We would appreciate your comments on our projects. Contact us via email (wooplaprojects AT gmail.com) or via github. Hope you enjoy what's here, and thanks for stopping by!

Latest Project : Google Dino Game Learning

Given the last Machine Learning project was so fun to make, we wanted to make another one! We wanted to try and make a program with the "Neuroevolution" learning method, and we didn't want it to be too complicated, after trying to come up with an idea for a learning subject we were a little bit stuck so we searched ideas on google and we stumbled upon a youtube channel in the name of "Code Bullet" that has made a program that learns to play the google dino run game, so we decided to try and make a replica of this program in Python, our result was not too far from the original program and it was really fun to make! Seeing the program evolve and learn was a really neat experience for us because we are so used to static rules that must happen, this time the program decides what to do, not us. If you want to check this project out, Github link is down below. Have fun!

Github Here!

Optimal Path Finder

After watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of articles on Machine Learning, we finally decided it's time to give it a shot. Easiest thing we could think about is a 2D optimal pathfinder, which is, in other words, a computer learning to pass through obsticles and get to a certain point on a plane. We added a nice GUI so it would be easy and fun to mess around with and after a little bit of polishing, we managed to build one of the coolest programs we have ever made in our opinion. We really learned a lot making this project and we hope you have fun messing around with it yourselves. We will definitly make more Machine Learning projects in the near future! Github link is down below.

Github Here!

Conway's Game Of Life

This is another quick and fun logic writing exercise, it came out really cool so we thought we'd upload it so you can enjoy it too. For those of you that aren't familiar with "Conway's Game Of Life", here is a quick explanation(taken from Wikipedia), The universe of the Game of Life is an infinite, two-dimensional orthogonal grid of square cells, each of which is in one of two possible states, alive or dead. Every cell interacts with its eight neighbours, which are the cells that are horizontally, vertically, or diagonally adjacent. At each step in time, the following transitions occur: 1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbors dies, as if by under population. 2. Any live cell with two or three live neighbors lives on to the next generation. 3. Any live cell with more than three live neighbors dies, as if by overpopulation. 4. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbors becomes a live cell, as if by reproduction. Github link is down below. Have fun!

Github Here!

Sensor Sleeve

We both study physics in a science institute called "Hemda" and in that institute there is a Makers lab you can go to learn robotics and 3D modeling in, we immediately hopped on the opportunity and started learning. After doing some projects to learn the fundamentals of being a Maker, the teacher gave us an opportunity to create whatever we wanted, but there was a catch, it had to be wearable. Elamar already had an idea a few months before that to build a mobile laboratory, so we sat down and started thinking with our two other group members(Zohar Kalush and Eran Kirsh) how we shall go about doing such thing. And this is what we came up with, a sleeve that will have a bread board attached to it, you will be able to put sensors on it and the data that will be recieved will be visualized on a Nokia LCD in the form of a graph. after taking measurements you'll be able to upload the results to your computer via WiFi. We are very happy with the final result and we would like to thank "Hemda" for letting us make this project their Makers department. Thingyverse and Github links are down below. Enjoy.

Thingyverse Here! Github Here!

Law Of The Lever Simulation

To continue our big physics project we have decided to step it up a little bit and make a Law of the lever simulation. It was really fun making mainly because the library we used didn't have some of the features we wanted built in it so we had to make them ourselves. We've made this project in April 2018. Unfourtently, this simulation can only run on windows for now, maybe we will make it multi platform in the future. Download and Github links are down below. Have fun!

Download Here! Github Here!

Density Simulation

Recently we have started making simulations to visualize physics formulas and laws. We made a list of all the laws we found intresting and we are planning to make a simulation for each law in the list and put it on wikipedia so the world can enjoy it. We started with the "least difficult" one which was the Density Simulation and we will go a little bit up in the level of complexity as we go. We've made this project in April 2018. Unfourtently, this simulation can only run on windows for now, maybe we will make it multi platform in the future. Github and normal download links are down below. Enjoy.

Download Here! Github Here!

3D Snake(OpenGL)

After learning the basic fundamentals of PyOpenGL we've decided to test our knowledge by making yet another snake game, but this time you can move on 3 axis. Imagine a big box, and in this box, smaller equal boxes that fill up the big box to it's max capacity, This is the grid. We've finished this project in March 2018. This game is extremely hard and can make you to break your own computer from anger. Playing it is at your own risk. This project was a really fun project to make and we're really looking forward for our next 3D project. If you want to check out the game or mess around with the code, the link is down below. Have fun!

Github Here!

Crossword Generator

There is a crossword website called 14Across, after messing with the "make your own crossword" option they have on their site we found ourselves with a crossword that has more black slots than character slots, and that's not the site's fault, we just didn't know how to position the words so they fit the grid in a perfect way, so we decided to make an algorithm that does it, and not only we did it, the algorithm also shows your ALL of the possible combination of words on the grid. We've finished this project in February 2018. If you want to try the program or mess with the code, link is down below. Have fun.

Github Here!

Sinus And Cosinus Simulation

We wanted to practice a little bit of logic writing during our window application learning in python so we've decided to make a simple Sinus and Cosinus simulation, nothing serious but we thought it looks neat so we uploaded it. Can you tell which one is the Sinus and which is the Cosinus? If you want to try the program or mess with the code, link is down below. Have fun.

Github Here!

Snake In Python

We started experiencing with the Python programming language and we wanted to test our knowledge by making a quick game, and we thought to ourselves, what game was a good practice both to our python language syntax writing and to our logic knowledge and then the jave snake game we've made popped in our heads. The game isn't fully done, there is a lot more we could have added but we kept it simple. As always, if you want to tinker around with the code the link is down below. Enjoy.

Github Here!


We wanted to make a simple game that implements the Java JFrame library. We finished this game in the Summer of 2017. In this game you'll need to hold off attacks of savage monsters by shooting them. You can gather coins by playing the game and buy skins from our skin shop at the menu. Code is in our Github, hope you'll enjoy tinkering with it.

Github Here!


We created this fun and addicting game in the Summer of 2017, we wanted to make a game that implements the Java JFrame library in it. We enjoyed making this game, mainly because we gave ourself exactly 24 hours to make it. We drank a LOT of coffee in those 24 hours :) Code is in our Github if you want to mess around with it.

Github Here!

Snake Game In Java

After getting to know the JFrame library a bit better we wanted to practice it in a fun way and educative, and what better way is there to practice a language more than making a game with it! We realized quickly it wasn't only a practice to our window applications writing, it was also a nice way to practice some logic writing. There are a lot of more cool things we could of added but we kept it simple, feel free to download the source code and add your ideas to the game, link is down below.

Github Here!


We made this simple game using the Java JFrame library, it was a fun learning experience and it was the first time we tried making a computer play a game(AI Mode). It game didn't take too long to make and the code in it isn't too sophisticated so if you want to improve it in any way, be sure to download it from our Github! We would love to see what you have done with it so be sure to send us your creations.

Github Here!

Ascii Chess

This was a quick fun project we made to explore the programming language C++, as soon as we finished this project we didn't want to write C++ ever again ;) We made it in April 2017 and it was the first "real" language we got into. You move with the W A S D keys and to choose chess peice, you press Enter. hope you have fun tinkering with the source code or just playing the game, link to the source code is down below.

Github Here!

N Queens Problem

If you don't already know the N Queen problem asks you to sort N queens on an NxN chess board without any queen threatening another queen. We've decided to step it up a notch so we printed ALL of the possible ways to sort the queens instead of just one(using a recursive algorithm). At the end we wrote how many possible combinations there are and how much time it took to print them. The source code is in our Github, feel free to download it and tinker with it.

Github Here!

Puzzle Maze

We wanted to explore the input/output system in a fun way way so we decided to make a nice game that implements this system, this was one of our first games and it really taught us a lot about programming and project making/managing. Let's see if you can find the eastereggs we've hidden in this game :). The source code is in our Github, feel free to download it and mess with it.

Github Here!